Terms for Participation in Irekia

Irekia-Open Government is an open window for citizen participation and an information channel to learn, comment and express an opinion on the initiatives of the Basque Government. Its objective is to provide direct information to help the public to form their own opinion and as a means for interested individuals to request information or also contribute their proposals.

Irekia is, above all, a website designed as a place to make effective contributions and for qualitative participation in public issues. The responses that, in this framework, are facilitated to the requests, opinions and comments of the public shall be for information and explanatory purposes and, under no circumstances, shall they be deemed to be binding or providing a legislative interpretation.

Participation in Irekia implies acceptance that you have read and understood and accepted the link to those "Terms for Participation in Irekia", and that you know and comply with the Conditions of Use of this platform.

In any event, it should be noted that Irekia extends and complements the options to contact the Basque Government and does not replace the current communication methods, such as postal mail, email or by means of the Citizen Advice Service, Zuzenean:

It is therefore necessary to note that the questions or complaints regarding specific issues or formalities are not dealt with in this platform as that is the remit of the Zuzenean Service. Neither is it the remit of this platform to deal with other types of communications with the Administration, as they may come under a public hearing or popular regulatory initiatives proceeding, which have their own procedure.

This participation in Irekia may take the form of submitting proposals and information requests by the public to the Government, or of the participation, with their opinion, in proposals unveiled by the Government.

In order to take part in Irekia, the interested party has to create a user account and register with a valid e-mail. Only one account per individual is allowed. The setting up of an account must be on an individual basis and to interact directly with Irekia and not through a third party, website or service.

Proposals and citizen information requests

The Irekia platform can be used to address the Basque Government with a proposal or information request.

The proposals and the information request must be created pursuant to the participation terms set by Irekia. These terms foster and enable individuals to put proposals to the Government for it to tackle a problem or gather a series of sensitivities. In order to focus the debate, participation and information requests shall be limited to the issues and activity that the Government carries out and which are included in its Programme for the current term of office. See link:

Any proposals and information requests that are deemed to violate these Terms of Participation and established Conditions of Use  shall not be processed. In any event, dissenting or critical points of view with the initiatives of the Government shall not be excluded and the decisions to accept or reject shall be taken impartially.

In order to submit a proposal or make an information request, the interested party shall fill in a simple online form that indicates:

o The title or theme of the proposal or information request.
o A clear statement that indicates the theme of the proposal and which action proposed for the government to adopt of the specific information request. Otherwise it shall be rejected.
o The department of the Government to which the proposal or information request is addressed, even though we reserve the right to transfer them to the relevant department.
The citizen proposals and information requests shall be answered by the Government departments in a timely manner.

Government proposals

The departments of the Government shall encourage participation regarding its initiative in order to discover and gather public opinion, analyse those contributions and report on the decisions adopted and their conclusions.

Participative processes shall be set up regarding matters of interest, pursuant to a series of phases that shall be adapted according to the needs of the proposals.

Phase 1.- In order to allow the people in question to make up their opinion, the Government shall provide information on its proposals by means of publishing multimedia material (news, videos, interviews and statistical data from different sources) and introducing the objectives of the participative process to be carried out, along with its purpose.

Phase 2.- The interested persons may then take part in the debate, express their opinions, put forward their arguments and vote for or against. They may also add to the information by including references to other documents of interest for the participative process.

Phase 3.- The interested persons and collective may, on occasions, amend the drafts of the proposed texts as the result of the participation initiatives, by means of a specific, simple and user-friendly tool.

Phase 4.- The conclusions of the debate and the final document that, where applicable is approved or referred to the competent authority, shall be made available to all the people interested in Irekia.